It was time for a boat trip to Lake Powell for my brother David and I, to do some Arch Hunting via water.

Everything goes well until we are miles from the marinas. In the steepest part of the main channel, we hit a rock ledge hidden just under the surface. The propeller is badly damaged and there is no place to put to shore to make repairs. So for the next eight miles we putt along at two miles per hour until we can get up a side canyon and land. I remove the prop and bang it back into shape with a rock.

The next morning, we discover that the prop actually works quite well and there is no need to forego the rest of the trip. However, on our way back to Bullfrog Marina, on the last day, the fan belt falls apart. It still turns at slow speeds so we limp the rest of the way to the marina. I make a mental note to pack an extra prop and fan belts.

Stevens Arch near the head of Lake Powell in Escalante Canyon, is the favorite arch visit for this year.