Another Arch Hunting trip by boat on Lake Powell for David and I.

This trip requires that we gas up at the Dangling Rope Marina, 50 miles from Bullfrog Marina. Gasoline in town is $1.69/gallon. Gasoline at Dangling Rope Marina is $2.43/gallon. That is $70 per fill up. Ouch! The entire trip requires three fill ups and two $3 Rootbeer floats at Dangling Rope Marina. We had to use spare gas in a two-gallon can twice to make it to the marina docks so we could fill up again.

Besides a visit to Rainbow Bridge National Monument, we were able to visit many natural arches and bridges accessible only from the lake. And as hot as it is in June in southern Utah, on the lake it is quiet comfortable.

I love Lake Powell… as long as the wind isn’t blowing.