The weekend was forecast to be warm and clear over much of Utah so David and I headed south for the day. This time we ended up in the Island-in-the-Sky area of Canyonlands National Park. Once inside the park, we took the Shafer Trail or White Rim Road.

Top of Shafer Trail

The road descends precariously to the east and then continues east and then south for approximately 8.6 miles until we arrived at Musselman Arch, a large class ‘A’ sized natural arch.

Musselman Arch

We continued exploring along the White Rim Road, stopping to climb down to any interesting rocks we saw.

About 8 miles later we could view Washer Woman Arch up a side wash to the west. (The Washer Woman effect is best seen from Mesa Arch at the top of the mesa.)

Washer Woman Arch

Nearby is Airport Tower.

Airport Tower

The shadows were getting long and that is our cue to head for home again. We didn’t do much hiking but is sure felt good to get out into the deserts again.