While camping in southern Canyonlands National Park, David and I hiked up Secret Canyon looking for some arches I had seen from a nearby vantage point, on a previous hike. 

While hiking up Secret Canyon, we ran across some fresh animal tracks also heading up the canyon. For the next several miles we tried to figure out what kind of an animal it is. Not cat-like, not bear-like, not dog-like. Much too big for any kind of rodent. Large wolverine was my best guess. From regular fresh scat droppings, it was plain to see it had been over gouging on the squaw-berries in the lower part of the canyon, which seemed be causing a gastric distress. (You know what they say about “too much of a good thing”.)

The tracks disappeared in the bolders near the head of the canyon and we never did get to see what the animal was. To make matters worse, the arches we located were fairly small and insignificant.


[I have since decided that the animal had to have been a young bear, though it did not leave tracks like any bear I had ever seen before.]