Winter is dragging on way too long so David and I head for the hills west of Parowan Utah in hopes that there’s not too much snow or mud.

Along the way we visited a few towns and settlements so I could take at least one picture and be able to say that I had been there.

Holden, Utah.

Hatton, Utah.

Kanosh, Utah.

Manderfield, Utah.

Beaver, Utah.

We were looking for Mitchell Arch west of Parawon. This is a fairly small and insignificant arch but we are desperate to get out and do some hiking. In spite of a fair amount of snow and lots of mud, it felt good to just get out.

We did find a small Class D arch but no Mitchell Arch.

(We found out later that Mitchell Arch was less than 50 feet away.)

We also drove by the old western movie set ruins near Paragonah, Utah.

On the way home, we drove through even more Utah towns and settlements.

Greenville, Utah.

Adamsville, Utah which is about half ghost town ruins and half residence currently being lived in. (What a great place to be a boy growing up!)

Minersville, Utah.

Milford, Utah.

Deseret, Utah

And finally, Lavan, Utah, located in the center or ‘Naval’ of Utah. (Hint: Spelled backwards.)

So we did enjoy a day of sunshine… but it is still winter.