It was a beautiful Spring day and perfect for exploring southern Utah. This time, my brother David and I headed for the high bench country between Ten Mile Canyon and Spring Canyon, west of Moab, Utah and east of the Green River.

First stop was Dubinky Well on the Dubinky Well Road.

Then west past Tombstone Butte heading for the Spring Canyon Overlook at the end of the dirt road. At 4.8 mile before the overlook, we took a side jeep trail heading north so we could find Alamo Arch. This was a Class C natural arch hidden in the rocks about 2 miles from the main Spring Canyon Overlook road.

We explored this area until the jeep trail became too rough to be enjoyable. We could view Hey Joe Canyon and found several smaller Class D arches or bridges in the area.

Back on the Spring Canyon Overlook road, we continued to the end of the road. From the overlook, we could see the Class D sized Undine Bridges across the Green River.

Everywhere we went, there were patches of wildflowers to enjoy.

We back tracked on the Spring Canyon Overlook road about .65 mile and parked so we could walk south to the edge of the canyon overlooking the Green River. In a short side canyon, probably completely hidden from river rafters on the river below, is a unique set of natural arches. The most prominent is Solitude Arch, a Class B sized arch.

On the wall just in back of (to the south) of Solitude Arch is a Class C sized natural arch we called Neighbor Arch. It is difficult to tell that this is really an arch until you climb down the steep rocks and make your way under Solitude Arch to the bottom of Neighbor Arch.

It was getting late in the day by the time we headed back, passing Needles Mesa just the setting sun was washing it in color.

Another perfect day in canyon country.