It was a typical gray and dark winter day in northern Utah. After a mild winter, I was anxious to get out and see some sun. On this day, I had to settle for just ‘getting out’. David and I jumped in my Ford Explorer and headed north and then east into Weber Canyon.

As part of my effort to visit (and document with at least one picture) EVERY town, city and settlement in Utah, it was necessary to take a few side trips so I could grab a few pictures. The first stop was Sandy City in south Salt Lake valley.

Then to nearby Murray City, Utah.

Then north of Salt Lake valley to Layton, Utah.

And nearby Riverdale, Utah.

Finally we made it into Morgan Valley with another stop at Mountain Green, Utah.

Then Peterson, Utah.

And on to Enterprise, Utah.

Stoddard, Utah was next.

Then Milton, Utah.

And then to Morgan, which is the largest town in this area.

Then appropriately named Littleton, Utah.

Nearby was suppose to be Richville but the only thing I could find to take a picture of there was the little cemetery.

Porterville was next with the old 1896 church that burned in the year 2000. (It was a private residence by then.)

Visiting Taggarts Utah was next but it was hard to locate next to the highway.

We then back tracked to the Henefer and Croyden area where we stopped at the Devil’s Slide geological site.

Above the north side of the highway, to the south of Croyden, there is a Class C natural arch called Devil’s Looking Glass Arch (continuing the ‘Devil’ theme of the geological sites.)


If I could have figured out how to get across the river/canal, I would of climbed up to the arch for a better look. Instead, we took pictures from the road before driving into Croyden.

Our last stop was in Henefer before heading for home.

It seemed wrong to be visiting the Weber River Canyon area when it was so gray, cold and depressing since this area is wonderful in the summer. Maybe I will go back and do it again some time.