Another clear Spring Saturday in Utah. David and I decide on a shorter arch hunting trip. This time we are headed up nearby Diamond Fork just off Spanish Fork Canyon.

On the way, we stopped to investigate a small alcove just off the highway. It has always looked suspiciously like a possible natural arch but we had never stopped to find out for sure. It wasn’t… but now we know.

From the Spanish Fork highway, it is 6.4 miles up the Diamond Fork road to Diamond Fork Arch found near the bottom of the north (left) cliffs. Thjs is one of the few rock outcrops in the canyon and the arch is not readily viewable until to walk up to it.

Diamond Fork Arch

There is another smaller natural arch further up the hill but it didn’t look big enough for us to bother checking it out. Instead, we explored the canyon a little more and headed back to Utah Valley to enjoy the Spring weather there.