Still waiting for signs of Spring, David and I drive down to Capital Reef National Park. Though there was still quite a bit of snow in the shadows, it was mostly dry. We could almost trick ourselves into thinking the Winter was over.

We spent most of our short daylight hours just taking pictures near the main park highway through and around Fruita Utah. We took short walks out to the Goosenecks on Sulfer Creek and along the Indian petroglyph walkway.

Capital Reef National Park

Capital Reef NP

We also spent some time walking around the farmhouse and barn near the park campground.

Fruita Truck

Dead Flower Head

Fruita Wagan & Barn

The pictures all needed something green. Sadly it was still Winter even here.

We finally took the drive through Capital Wash to the end of the road. There we watched chuckars and mountain sheep for a while.

Capital Gorge Mountain Sheep

Capital Gorge Chuckar

Then the sun started going down and it became quite cold. It was time to head for home again and wait for warmer days.

Capital Reef NP Sun Down

Capital Reef NP Sun Down At Barn

The one nice thing about short Winter days is that we get home earlier.