On Saturday, February 18, I drove the Explorer down to Arches National Park near Moab to see if I could get out of the snow.

There was some snow in the Moab area but not as much as in Utah Valley. Here it was sunny and I felt like I was recharging my mental/spiritual/emotional batteries.

Soldier Summit Barn

Arches National Park

I spent most of afternoon just bumping around the main park road taking pictures in the Devil’s Garden area, the Windows area and even the Balanced Rock area.

Park Avenue Spires

Arches National Park Spires

Balanced Rock

Devil's Garden

I got out to walk around just in the North and South Windows area which is where the light was best for the arches and sandstone spires.

Sunset Spires

Because the sun goes down early during the winter months, I soon had to head back to Orem. It was a pleasant drive and a great chance to just get away by myself for a few hours.