On June 6th, David and I headed south with the ATVs to spend a couple of days exploring southern Utah before it got too hot. Usually it is getting too hot by this time but this year is much cooler than normal with more rain than normal. In fact, the last couple of years have been pretty much the same pattern. (It must be all that Global Warming.)

That night we camped out in Comb Wash west of Blanding Utah, on the west side of Comb Ridge. We actually arrived early enough that we set up the tent and still had time to explore the lower end of nearby Mule Canyon including hiking up to the Indian ruins.

Lower Mule Canyon

Lower Mule Canyon Ruins

Lower Mule Canyon Indian Ruins

We also drove south down the wash but couldn’t find any other side roads to explore.

Comb Ridge

Opuntia polyacantha Cactus Flowers

We ended up heading back to our camp in the cottonwood trees and having a delicious dinner of stew. (Food always tastes better when camping.) Total ATV miles = 14.3 miles.

Comb Ridge

All afternoon there had been a breeze out of the southwest that quickly pushed puffy clouds by. After dark, a full moon popped over Comb Wash and the wind died down. It was a very pleasant evening and cool enough for jackets. I was surprised how well I slept that night.