Saturday plans fell through at the last minute so in an effort to rescue at least part of the day, I drove down to Moore Utah by myself, to spend the day hunting Indian pictographs and petroglyphs.

I wanted to visit (or re-visit) five different sites in approximately the same area. I managed to visit four. However, I found out later that I missed some pictographs in one of the areas so I need to go back now I know where they are located.

Site one:

Pictograph 1

Pictograph 2

Pictograph 3

Pictograph 4

Pictograph 5

Pictograph 6

Pictograph 7

Pictograph 8

Petroglyph 9

Petroglyph 10

Petroglyph 11

I even spent some time taking pictures of the cactus and wild flowers, while trying to beat back the swarms of no-see-um biting gnats. They were bad in this area.

Cactus Blooms

Eriogonum ovalifolium

Site 2:

Petroglyph 12

Petroglyph 13

Petroglyph 14

Site 3:

Pictograph 15

Petroglyph 16


(No that is not a pictograph.)

Site 4:

Pictograph 17

Pictograph 18


The day was getting short and I headed for home satisfied for another day in the outdoors.

Desert Lupines