Since the 4th of July was on a Sunday this year, both David and I had Monday off. We hooked up the ATV trailer to my Ford Explorer Sport and headed south.

From Moore Utah we continued south until we crossed the I-70 freeway and the road turned to gravel. We continued south, still pulling the ATV trailer, not really knowing where we were going.

Middle Desert panorama

We were almost to the north end of Capital Reef National Park before we turned east and drove into the Middle Desert area. We finally parked and unloaded the ATVs after crossing Middle Desert Wash. We then headed down a dirt road heading south towards Salt Wash.

Our plans were soon cut short when I started having mechanical problems just after passing a corrugated metal water capture installation. I found that the bearing and seal had gone out on the rear left wheel. I limped back the seven miles to the vehicle were we loaded up and headed for home by continuing the loop through the Cedar Mountain route. That was a long way to drag an ATV trailer with little to show for it.

“A bad day in southern Utah is still better than a good day sitting in front of a work computer” … or something like that.

ATV trip total mileage = 14 miles.