Pioneer Day was Saturday, July 24th and I spent the day with my family at my wife’s family reunion held in Spanish Fork Utah. I was in charge of taking pictures and helping where I could with the on-site details. It was a long day.

The next day I decided I needed to spend some serious time in human non-interaction and emotional/physical/spiritual decompression. After cleansing my camera of all reunion based digits, I jumped in my Ford Explorer, cranked the stereo up loud and drove north. Several hours later, the twitch in my face had settled down so I turned down the stereo and began to enjoy my surrounding.

It was another beautiful Utah summer day with mostly blue sky and a few puffy clouds that sometimes gave pictures  extra interest. I just drove through the northern part of Utah taking pictures of whatever caught my fancy.

I started taking pictures in Deweyville.

Deweyville House.

Deweyville Town Hall

Then Tremonton.

Tremonton Library

Tremonton Main Street

Then Garland.

Garland Store

Garland Main Street

Garland Library

Garland LDS Church

Garland Alfalfa Fields

Then north to Riverside.

Riverside Post Office

East to Beaver Dam.

Beaver Dam LDS Church

Then Petersboro.

Petersboro Farm House

Petersboro Farm

Then Newton.

Newton House

Newton Barns

Newton House

Newton Barn

Newton Out Buildings

Newton Store

Newton Store Ruins

Then Trenton.

Trenton Grain Silos

Trenton House & Shop

Trenton Stores

Trenton Barn

Then Richmond.

Richmond Library

Richmond Pioneer Relic Hall

Richmond Relief Society Building

Richmond Bank building

Then Smithfield.

Smithfield American Legion

Smithfield Former LDS Church

Smithfield Former Church Banner

Smithfield Historical Museum

Smithfield Industry

Then Logan.

Logan LDS Temple

Logan LDS Temple

Logan Temple Barn

Logan Tabernacle

Logan Bank

Logan Store

Logan Theater

Logan Theater

And finally Wellsville, just as the sun was setting.

Wellsville Barn

Wellsville Barn

Wellsville Cabin

Wellsville City Offices

Wellsville House

I then headed for home again.

Meanwhile, my wife called me on my cell phone to remind me that I was missing the reunion final dinner at her folks house. Dang it…