Every now and then, we just need to return to Arches National Park, as kind of a “reunion” with the center of Arch Hunting. After a long hard week at work, I just wanted a pleasant day in the sun surrounded by red cliffs.

David and I drove down to Arches National Park on Saturday morning and spent the day in the park.

Little Gothic Arch

Swept Arch

Mostly we were hiking the Landscape Arch/Navajo Arch trail area. We were in no hurry and had no destination other than to just enjoy the area.

We were glad to see Landscape Arch is still standing. The Law of Physics and gravity says it shouldn’t be. David and I believe there has to be rebar in there somewhere.

Landscape Arch

We were surprised to see that the new trail created to bypass the Wall Arch collapse was significantly steep and could be slick.

Wall Arch Remains

Trail near Wall Arch remains

Unfortunately, I had forgotten that hiking in Arches National Park also meant rubbing shoulders with the “Great Unwashed” hordes of tourists. (Doesn’t anyone speak English anymore?) I grew frustrated waiting for a pack of tourists to move out of my picture only to immediately have another herd wander into the camera frame.

Smoke signal says "Beware of tourist hordes"

Partition Arch

Back of Landscape Arch

Navajo Arch

Navajo Arch

Navajo Arch

Black Cave Arch

Nand and Sand Arches

Devil's Garden

Even so, it was a nice chance to get out. October days are short so soon we were heading back to the parking lot and then heading for home again.

Blue Bird

Datura Flower

Red Rock Sunset

Thunderhead Sunset