It is hot in the Utah Valleys so a trip to the mountains sounded like a good idea.

Thursday my family and I loaded up the Explorer (along with my brother, David) and headed for the family cabin north of Vernal, near Grizzly Ridge. My son and his wife followed later and brought my ATVs on the trailer. We spent the next couple of days enjoying the green and cool mountain and exploring the nearby ATV trails.

Nancy on ATV

Grizzly Ridge ATV Trail

Saturday, David and I took the ATVs south on an ATV trail just below Grizzly Ridge, all the way to the Little Brush Creek drainage. On the south side of Grizzly Ridge, we were surprised at the number of ATV trails that honeycombed the area.

Brush Creek Loop Sign

We took one trail down to the Little Brush Creek Cave and spent some time walking around the cave area.

Little Brush Creek Cave

Brush Creek Cave Pano

Sub Caves

We then took the main Little Brush Creek road north until it intersected a trail we had already explored. We then headed back to the cabin, content that we had punished our bodies and the ATVs sufficiently for the day.

View from Grizzly Ridge

Sunday, we attended church services in Dutch John before heading back to Utah Valley again.

The mountains can be very restful in the summer but I’m looking forward to my next trip into southern Utah canyon country.