When I found out that the Cannonville area of Utah had almost no snow left, and was in fact mostly dry, I knew that this is where I wanted to go on Saturday.

Paria River

David and I drove down the morning of February 12th and spent the day hiking the north edge of the Butler Valley, between Kodachrome State Park and Grosvenor Arch.

Our main goal was to find Pet Wood Arch. We found it tucked into a pocket in the northwest cliffs of Butler Valley. It turned out to be a nice class “B” natural arch and the name obviously came from the abundance of petrified wood fragments in the area.

Pet Wood Arch

We then continued exploring from the bottom of the cliffs along the north edge of Butler Valley. We ended up on the northeast end where we found a small class “D” natural arch called Butler Valley Arch.

Butler Valley Arch

This trek allowed us to probe a number of secluded coves and enjoy the unique landscape of the area.

Butler Valley Rim

Butler Valley Rim Rock

The late afternoon shadows were growing long when we finally hiked back to my vehicle. However, we still had enough light to quickly visit nearby Grosvenor Arch for a few last minute pictures.

Grosvenor Arch

We also spent a few minutes explored the dirt road that continued east from Grosvenor Arch and over a pass called “The Gut”. We decided that we were going to have to go back to explore that area better some other day.