Okay, I have stage 4 colon cancer that has also metastasized to my stomach, liver and lungs. Now what?

My oncologist thinks we can squeeze another three years out of my life if we begin “aggressive” treatment with chemotherapy. So that is the plan… or was the plan.

The first item on the list was to get a colonoscopy. Oh boy. I have avoided one of those for years. Why would I want one now?

Oh… Ya.

Ok, it turned out that a colonoscopy wasn’t that big of a deal. You sleep through the whole thing anyway.

However, my colon cancer tumors had almost completely blocked off the end of the colon so they couldn’t get the scope through to inspect the rest of the colon.

Well that explained a lot of things that were going on (or NOT going on) in my system. Things were looking grim.

I had my first round of chemo on May 20th. This involves sitting in a room for several hours while they pump poison into your body. They then send you home hooked up to a pump that proceeds to pump more poison into your body (but slowly) over the next 48 hours. Then it is back to the doctors to have the pump removed. The next day I had to return to get a shot ($6,000 per shot!) to force my body to produce more white blood cells and counteract the effects of all that poison.

For the next seven days, I sat in my body as it dies, trying to fight off the effects of the chemo. It kinda feels like altitude sickness plus the worse flu you have ever had plus bad food poisoning. The anti-nauseous pills they provided helped to keep from puking my guts out but it was still really bad!

After a week of hell, I started feeling better. My body had beat the poison and I hoped that the cancer had been impacted somehow.

I had a choice as to whether to continue or not and I decided I could do another round. If that is what it took to live another three years, I could do this.

The second round was on June 3rd and it was much worse. My body was much weaker going into that round.

There won’t be a round three.

I now know how the medical world wants to treat cancer. I call it “burning down the house to get rid of the cockroaches”.

This can’t be right.