On Saturday, I head back to the south rim of Tenmile Canyon east of Moab Utah, with repaired front wheel drive. While hiking late in the evening I attempt to take a short cut up an unknown canyon to return to my pickup. Of course, it turns out to be a dead end and I am forced back the way I came. That attempt just wastes more daylight.

An approaching storm blocks any evening glow that would have helped me find my way back to the truck so I stumble about until I find the jeep trail. Now I have to guess which way to my truck. Unfortunately, I had parked my truck a short distance off the dirt road and would probably walk right by it even if I did choose the right direction. Now even the stars are blotted out by the storm and I am making plans to spend the night huddled under a cedar tree.

As I top a short hill, the clouds on the horizon break just long enough for a sliver of light glow to shine through and reflect off the front bumper of my truck some distance away. It still took a while to locate the truck and the first rain drops started falling just as I opened the door.

I am able to drive to good gravel roads before the jeep trails turn to mud. A few hours later, I am asleep in my own bed.