While trying to reach Window Rock Arch south of Bluff, I am caught in a sudden rain storm while driving my SUV alone on the dirt back-country roads.

The first large puddle I hit throws bright red mud through a back window that I didn’t realize was still open. The back seat and all my equipment in the back is covered with red mud.

When the hail started coming down, I ducked under a shade shelter that the local Navajo Indians build for their stock animals. Soon the hail turns heavy and is shredding the branches of the shelter overhead. At least my windshield won’t get broken. However, the rain is really heavy and the roads are quickly turning into rivers. I decide to make a run for it and try to make it to dry roads before it gets worse.

Once I get rolling, I am careful not to slow down. Lots of skidding and mud being thrown in all directions. Suddenly, the rain and hail stops, the sun breaks through the clouds, I am on a almost dry dirt road and there is a beautiful rainbow out my driver’s window.

Life is beautiful.