On Saturday, I drove down to Moab with my mountain bike strapped to the back of my vehicle. In Moab. I took the new Moab Rim Tram to the top of the cliffs west of Moab, along with my bike. I attempted to ride my bike down the jeep trail to the southwest into the sandstone fins to a point where I can hike to Pool Arch. However, the jeep trail really isn’t a good mountain bike trail and I end up carrying or pushing my bike most of the way.

The hike to Pool Arch is pleasant though a little tricky. Pool Arch turns out to be a large class ‘B’ arch and is probably actually a natural bridge. This is a seldom visited and hardly known natural arch hidden the sandstone fins that surround Moab.

Pool Arch

On the way back, a brief but ambitious thunderstorm drenches me as I pushed the bike down the sandy trail. This makes me giggle with delight.

Then the sun pops out to light up the freshly washed landscape and display a beautiful double rainbow. The scene almost makes me cry. For a few moments in time, all is right with the world.

It is after dark by the time I took the tram back down the cliffs. I’m glad the tram didn’t close before I got back.

(Note: The Moab Rim Tram has since shut down.)