David and I head into Book Cliff country east of Price to locate a “natural arch” shown on the Cedar Ridge Canyon 7.5″ topographical map. On the way, we have to sidestep a forest fire burning on Bruin Point.

We also see 11 head of BIG mule deer bucks, some mountain grouse and a few elk.

We hiked down the canyon to the “natural arch” only to discover that it is a small crack in some rocks. It was not even a real “arch”. We did find some interesting fossils in the drainage on the way out though.

As far as Arch Hunting was concerned, this was another “unprofitable pursuit of large, undomesticated aquatic waterfowl” (Wild goose chase) but I enjoyed exploring this new country. I was also pleased that the forest fire didn’t cut us off from being able to get home that night.