Thursday, my wife and I decided to take the beautiful Spring day off from work(s) and go for a drive. No real plans… just drive and get out of the house/office.

Our first stop turned out to be Mona Utah where we were hoping to visit the Young Living Farms. There were plenty of signs but no buildings. I’m guessing their are getting their new building ready and just aren’t quite open yet.

I stopped for a few pictures on main street and that didn’t take long.

I wondered why Mona would have a Wholesale Fishing Supply store. Someone must do some serious fishing nearby.

From Nephi we drove south through Levan Utah which is the middle of the state of Utah. (Levan spelled backwards is “Naval”… get it?) And then on to Redmond.

While in Redmond, we stopped by the Redmond Mineral Company and bought some Redmond Clay. We already had a supply of Redmond Real Salt.

Then on to Salina where we could turn west and make a loop back to I-15 at Scipio.

Then home to Orem before the next Spring storm moved in.

What a nice day for a drive in the Utah country.