The results of my CAT scan were fantastic. Lung and liver tumors were half the size of the previous scan. The stomach cancer was almost gone. The tumors in the colon were less clear.

The oncologist was so surprised that he was giddy. He expected some growth since it usually requires multiple chemotherapy treatments before they see any progress. (How does anyone survive multiple chemo treatments?) We didn’t have the heart to tell him that it was probably our Fenbendazole and Pau D’Arco tea that was shrinking the tumors. He signed me up for a third chemo treatment but I later canceled it.

Things were looking up! ….and then they weren’t.

Other cancer victims that are on the Joe Tippens protocol, report that sometimes tumors swell up and grow before they die off. Some people freak out and stop the protocol thinking that the cancer is growing. (Cancer is so odd so it is possible that it really is growing. Who knows?)

One day, the tumor at the end of my colon succeeded in closing off the entire digestion system. It took me a couple of days to understand what was going on. After seven painful days of not eating and not pooping, I found myself in the hospital. It was decided to have a stent put in to force an opening. After this was done, and a lot of time spent on the toilet, things were back to normal again. Ahhhh…

Suddenly, I’m back to 138 lbs. Starting over but feeling good.