I decided to take advantage of the nearly snowless winter and drove down to the Moab area for the day. I wanted to get a better picture of Jack’s Arch located in the Arths Pasture area, west of Moab. (It was also an excuse to spend the day in the sunshine.)

I took the Island-in-the-Sky park road to the Gemini Bridges gravel road. I then took the jeep trail north through Arths Pasture and was pleased to find it most dry. However, when it came time to take the side trails that would take me to Jack’s Arch, I found them muddy and even snow covered. So much for that plan.

To keep my trip from being a complete bust, I drove over to Gemini Double Bridges to take a few pictures. (This natural bridge is REALLY hard to take a good picture of.)

Gemini Double Bridges

Then off to my home in Orem again.

Footnote: Within a few short weeks, my cancer exploded in my body. I am now only a few days from “expiring” so this will be my last trip report in this life. However, I am looking forward to further adventures on the other side. (I probably won’t be able to write about them though.)