I take my wife, Nancy, Arch Hunting with me to the Pritchett Canyon area southwest of Moab.

While walking up a hill I notice that it was the perfect place to see rattlesnakes. I imagine how neat it would be if I could show my wife a rattlesnake. As I slowly walk forward, scanning the area for snakes, my wife asks what I am looking for. I told her I was watching for snakes. Then she ask if I was interested in the rattlesnake asleep on a rock to her right.


I tried to take a picture of the sleeping rattler and was quite surprised how fast rattlesnakes can move when suddenly awakened.


[NOTE: In all my years of Arch Hunting in the deserts of Utah, I have only seen two or three rattlesnakes. One was asleep on a large log I had just stepped over while hiking north of Moab.]