David and I hike to Jacob Hamblin Arch in Coyote Gulch, part of the Escalante Canyon complex. Instead of hiking up or down Coyote Gulch, we hike overland from the south and drop down a dangerous rock incline just east of Jacob Hamblin Arch.

This area is wondrous! We hike down stream and visit Coyote Natural Bridge, one of the only natural bridges with an active stream flowing underneath.

On our way out, we meet an family group  trailing a full range of children, who have also dropped into the canyon over the cliffs. Yikes! Getting up the steep incline was difficult for us so we wait around at the top to see if the family can make it up. They can’t. We climb down again so that we can use our ropes to assist them. It would have made for a long night in the canyon for one extremely unprepared family.