My wife, Nancy, fell and broke her leg while hiking (without me) in southern Canyonlands National Park. She was visiting the area with her parents.

The park rangers did a great job getting her safely to the parking area where the paramedics picked her up for an ambulance ride to Monticello.

Both right leg bones were badly broken in two places and an attempt is made to fly in a helicopter for a quick ride to Utah Valley Medical Center in Provo. Weather forced the helicopter back and she makes the long trip overnight in the back of an ambulance. I finally caught up with her at the hospital.

Later that morning Dr. Creig M. operated and installed two metal brackets and 16 screws. That began several years of recovery, treatments, pain, infections and some complications caused by her diabetes. However, she did stop bugging me about the dangers of me hiking alone in remote locations of southern Utah. That had been a fear of hers for years.