It was finally Saturday and I wanted to get out of town. David and I jumped in the Explorer and headed for Arches National Park near Moab Utah.

Once in the park, we drove the single park road to the Balanced Rock parking area. Just across the road from the parking area is the dirt road we needed to take us to the Herdina Park area. The first arch we visited was Eye-of-the-Whale Arch, a well-known arch though off the regular park visitor path. This a small class ‘B’ arch.

Eye of the Whale Arch

Just around the corner to the north and then west, we found Leaping Arch, a well-hidden class ‘C’ arch.

Leaping Arch

We then drove around to the south side of Herdina Park so we could search the low sandstone fins for Slanted Eye Arch, which turned out to be a class ‘D’ size arch.

Slanted Eye Arch

And that was all we had time for that day.