The mild winter gave us the opportunity to visit the Moab area and investigate an area that hid several natural arches. David and I drove down for the day and took the Little Canyon/Gemini Bridges road located between Moab and the Canyonlands National Park – Island-in-the-Sky highway.

Once on top of the mesa, we drove to a series of canyons in the northeast corner of Arth’s Pasture. By hiking up the canyon past Jack’s Arch, we were able to locate Eclipse Double Arch hidden near the end of the canyon. At least one of the arch openings qualified it as a class ‘C’ arch.

Eclipse Double Arch

Nearby were several smaller class ‘D’ arches.

Periscope Arch
Gateway To Forever Arch
Stargate Arch

We did spend some time exploring the surrounding area but didn’t find anything new. Finally, we headed for home.