It was nearly the last day of the year and of the century yet we managed to fit in even one more arch hunting trip to southern Utah. David and I drove south of Moab to the Pritchett Canyon road which headed mostly west and then northwest from the highway. We were glad to find the area mostly dry and free of snow cover. That meant the dirt roads we wanted to travel would really be mostly dirt.

Our first stop was at a sandstone monolith that some maps refer to as “Prostitute Rock”. On the southeast side of the rock hangs “Balcony Arch, a large class ‘C’ sized arch.

Balcony Arch

By following the jeep trail northward, we could access another natural arch on the north end of the rock. This was Picture Frame Arch, another ‘class ‘C’ arch.

Picture Frame Arch

The next arch we were looking for was found to the southwest. We soon located Faiview Arch, again a class ‘C’ sized arch.

Farview Arch

Then on to Clinging Arch, a class ‘D’ arch.

Then it was time to leave the area and head for home.

Note: Two days later really was the last day of the year and of the century. Here is a photo of the last sunset of the century.

What a glorious ending!