April 1st was a beautiful spring day in Utah so it only made sense for David and me to head south to explore and enjoy the desert country of Utah.

This time we headed to the east side of the San Rafael Swell and to Cave Canyon, north of the I-70 freeway and north of the San Rafael River. This involved taking the Smith Camp dirt road almost to the Smith Cabins before taking a jeep trail a number of miles heading south down Tidwell Draw to the mouth of Cave Canyon. Here we parked and began hiking east up the canyon. Two miles later found us at Ednah Natural Bridge. This bridge turned out to be a nice sized class ‘C’ bridge, almost a class ‘B’ size.

Ednah Natural Bridge

This was a wonderful time to be out in nature. We really didn’t feel a need to hurry.

Still, we had to go home sooner or later.