On Saturday, the 16th of June, David and I drove down to the south end of Capital Reef National Park for a day of arch hunting. This time we took the Notom road which is just east of the park. We headed south on the Bullfrog Road until we had passed the Notom community. There was an arch marked on a map and we decided to look for it.

After hiking over the hills for a while, we did find a class ‘C’ dirt bridge in the bottom of a gully. I called it Vain Bridge.

Vain Bridge

The next stop was further south just passed “The Post”. From the Post parking area we could see a class ‘B’ natural bridge in the cliffs to the west. We hiked up the narrow canyon under the bridge trying to get good pictures. It really was too hot for hiking by then. I decided to call it Post Bridge and we aren’t sure why this one isn’t documented anywhere yet.

Post Bridge

We then drove north again to the Burr Trail gravel road heading to Boulder, Utah. We climbed the steep switchbacks and drove a short road past Peek-a-boot Arch in Upper Muley Twist Canyon.

Peek-a-boo Arch

The sun was all wrong for taking pictures of Double Arch and Cap Arch. We decided to come back some other time.

We then drove to Boulder Utah and headed home again. It was about midnight before I was home again.