This time it is Hanksville Utah that David and I head for so we can do some arch hunting in side canyons of the Dirty Devil River. We are able to drive to the top of a huge sand hill that drops down to the Dirty Devil southeast of Hanksville but there was no way I was going to chance driving down the sketchy sand trail to get closer to the river. We were going to have to hike it instead and that was going to make for a long hike uphill in sand to get back to the vehicle.

Once down to the river, it wasn’t too hard to make our way across though you had to watch for pockets of quicksand. Once on the other side, it was a short walk to the mouth of Buck Canyon and not too far up the canyon we found our first arch called Buck Canyon Arch. (Of course.)

Buck Canyon Arch

Another mile or so further up the canyon we found the second natural arch called Back Alley Arch.

Now that the enjoyable part of the hike was over, it was time to head back to the river, back up the steep sand hill and then driving back to Utah Valley and our homes.