The morning of June 8th found David and I heading for Price Utah and then southeast to East Carbon/Sunnyside Utah. Here we picked up the Horse Canyon Road heading south. Driving up Horse Canyon turned into a dirt/gravel road that climbed the steep canyon wall until we could turn onto the dirt road that headed south, along the top rim of the cliffs.

This road would eventually take you to the southeast end of the Range Creek range (private property) and to one access to the Green River. We didn’t want to go that far. We only wanted to go as far as Turtle Canyon so we could get a look at Foot-In-Mouth arch. However, after a very long and bumpy ride, we discovered that the arch was visible in the distance.

We took a few pictures and called it good before heading back the way we had come.

(Okay… we wimped out! It still made for a very long day.)