It was Saturday and after a long work week, it was time to get out of town… again. This week, David and I headed for the San Rafael Swell coming in from the west through Ferron Utah, down the dirt/gravel Dutch Flat Road to Coal Wash. We then drove south until we could turn left up the southeast arm of Coal Wash.

As we powered through the rock and sand of the dry creek bed, we spooked up some mountain sheep. One of the sheep proceeded to climb up the steep embankment only to tumble back into the stream bed. (I was somewhat shocked since I have never seen a mountain sheep fall before.) It picked itself up again and successfully made the second attempt, disappearing over the hill and rejoining its fellow sheep.

Approximately six miles up this southeast arm brought us to giant Class ‘A’ class natural arch called Swasey Arch. (Also called Slipper Arch on some maps.)

Swasey Arch


Needless to say, it took most of the day to get to this arch and then get out again. Then there was nothing to do but go home.