Saturday found David and I headed for the middle of the San Rafael Swell via the Moore Utah cutoff, I-70 and then down a jeep trail into the north end of Eagle Canyon.

On the way, we did stop at the base of the Molan Reef to take a few pictures of petroglyphs located near the road.

I’m sure that long snake petroglyph had an interesting story behind it.

Once in Eagle Canyon, the jeep trail follows the drainage until it drops off and makes driving impossible at the north end. From here we explored a short drainage to locate a small Class ‘D’ natural bridge. (We were hoping that it would be larger.)

Our next hike was east until we could round a slickrock mesa and continue north to the top of Secret Mesa Canyon. Here we could view Raptor Arch which was a nice Class ‘C’ arch.

Raptor Arch

The hike was only about a mile in and a mile back again but that was enough for the day. Time to head home again.