Saturday, David and I headed to the north end of the San Rafael Swell. This took us through the communities of Elmo, Utah…

… and Cleveland, Utah.

We then headed east and south into the San Rafael area to an area south of Cedar Mountain and just east of the top of Buckhorn Draw. The flats are referred to as the Summit Area. Here we found a jeep trail heading southeast that led us through Big Flat, Big Hole and Box Flat. (Such boring names!)

However, there were other things to see here. Like spiders (that were almost tauratula size) and wildflowers.

Soon we stopped in Jackass Flat and began hiking south and east along the north rim of Spring Canyon.

From up there, we could look down onto Indian Bench to the south and see the Mexican Mountain road. There were some interesting pinnacles just below us that I don’t remember being able to see from the Mexican Mountain road.

We found other interesting features on this hike including a Pelican Rock.

What we were looking for was an obscure Class B natural Arch called Spring Canyon Arch. We located it across the canyon to the south when we neared the east end of the mesa we were hiking along.

Our chosen path probably wasn’t any shorter to Spring Canyon Arch than starting at Mexican Mountain and hiking up Spring Canyon, but the views were probably better.

A great day of hiking and exploring new country!