Winter had not yet found Utah so David and I decided to take advantage of the fairly nice weather to attempt yet another trip to Arches National Park near Moab.

We wanted to visit some of the arches outlying the Devil’s Garden area in north Arches National Park. We were pleased to find only a skiff of snow hiding on the north side of rocks.

Our first stop was to Tunnel Arch and then Pine Tree Arch.

Tunnel Arch(es)
Pine Tree Arch

Then on to Blocked Arch and Crystal Arch.

Blocked Arch
Crystal Arch(es)

Then on to Debris Arch (which turned out to be a Class ‘A’ sized arch), Wedge Arch and White Fin Arch.

Debris Arch
Wedge Arch
White Fin Arch

By this time, the daylight was beginning to fade so we headed back to the parking lot to find our vehicle.

Before leaving the park, we took a side trip to see Pothole Arch, Bicep Arch, Seagull Arch and North Window Arch in the Windows Section of Arches National Park.

Pothole Arch
Bicep Arch
Seagull Arch
North Window

By then, it was getting dark and time to head for home.

Too bad the days are so short.