Winter still had not found Utah so there was only one thing to do. Go arch hunting yet one more time this year.

David and I headed back to Arches National Park to visit the natural arches around the park’s only campground.

Tapestry Arch

Tapestry Arch is easily found a short distance to the northeast of the campground but Ruin Arch is hidden in the short sandstone fins even further to the northeast and takes a little bit of searching.

Ruin Arch

Next, we visited Arc De Triomphe Arch which also required some searching in an area to the northwest.

Arc de Triomphe Arch

Too bad most park visitors don’t see this hidden side of the park.

Then came Stylized Arch even further to the north. Again this required some searching even when we knew the approximate location. We were definitely off the usual tourist tracks.

Stylized Arch

And that is about all the daylight time these short days would allow us. Time to go home again.