On October 16th, David and I loaded up my Ford Explorer and headed south to Capital Reef National Park, for a day of hiking the canyons. It was a warm Autumn day and the  trees had turned brilliant colors. The old Nielsen Grist Mill between Bicknell and Torey Utah was especially colorful.

Capital Reef was even more so.

Recent rains in the area had washed through the desert canyons but we were glad to find that they had mostly dried out. This left the dried mud blistered.

We really didn’t find the natural arches we were looking for but hiking the canyons did provide a few surprises such as this ‘Keeper Hole’.

That would not have been a good place to get stuck in.

After finding a dry fall that stopped our canyon progress, we returned to the vehicle to enjoy a fiery sunset which was a excellent ending to a colorful day.