Saturday morning November 3rd, David and I were off for another day hiking. This time we headed for Ernie’s Canyon on the east rim of the San Rafael Swell, southwest of Green River Utah.

Ernie's Canyon Bridge

After arriving at Ernie’s Bridge near the bottom of the canyon, we began the climb up a broken rock ramp and across rather rough country to remote Hurst Bridge.

Hurst Bridge

We had been here before but Hurst Bridge was just a stop on our way to look for another natural arch futher up. However, simply climbing further up the broken country, was not the way to get into the area with the area. We were going to need to approach from the south side of the mass of sandstone fins. At this point, were were out of strength and daylight was getting short. We had to take a few pictures from the top of the deep crack that stopped our progress before heading back down again.

Ernies Canyon Panorama

Maybe next time.