On Wednesday November 7th, my wife Nancy and I drove down to Zions National Park near Springdale Utah, to spend some time together.

It was a wonderful time to enjoy the park and the fall colors. The day was clear and calm and the hot days were over for the year.

Before entering the park, we visited Grafton Utah, a ghost town just west of Rockville Utah, on the south side of the Virgin River. The buildings are not looking too bad compared to the last time we visited several years prior. In fact, they had some some work on the main house. You could go inside without fall through the floor boards.

Grafton House

Grafton School House

Grafton Ranch Buildings

Grafton Cabin

Zions National Park was fairly quiet during the middle of the week with only a few visitors. The main tourist season was over so they were letting cars drive the road clear to the mouth of the Narrows. We did walk up the path leading into the Narrows but turned around when the improved path ended and the wading began.

The Narrows Trail

White Throne & Fall Colors

Zions NP Fall Colors

Zions NP Fall Colors

Wonderful. Absolutely beautiful!

Zions NP Fall Colors

Zions NP Fall Colors

Zions NP Cliffs & Cloud

We also drove out for a ways  on the road through Zions tunnel and through the highlands towards Mt. Carmel. Here there aren’t many trees that turn to the Fall colors so it wasn’t quite as colorful.

Zions NP Virgin River

Twin Butte Arch

On the way home again, we were treated to an orange sunset as we went through Rockville and Virgin Utah.

Zions NP Sunset

Really nice day!