It was Saturday and time to hit the road to explore some new corner of Utah that I hadn’t seen yet. I picked up my brother David and headed…. north.

In a rare departure from my goal to explore all of southern Utah, on this day we headed north. We drove to Hyrum Utah and then east up Blacksmith Fork Canyon. After driving up the canyon on state road 101, we turned north up Left Hand Fork for about 2.6 miles to Charley’s Hollow on the left side of the gravel road. In the cliffs high on the side of the mountain was a class C natural arch called Duvey Arch. While it wasn’t practical to climb up to the arch, we could still get some good pictures from the bottom.

Duvey Arch

Left Hand Fork

We then had the rest of the day to wander around the area to see what else we could see. At one point, we drove back to state road 101 and continued east to Hardware Ranch which is a favorite destination in the winter for visitors who want to see the Utah Division of Wildlife Resource’s efforts to feed the elk that gather here.

Hardware Ranch Sign

Hardware Ranch

Soon we had wandered back to Hyrum.

Hyrum House

We then took a drive around Hyrum Reservoir State Park before heading home again.

Hyrum Reservoir State Park panorama

It was nice to spend the day in the mountains for a change. However, I confirmed what I have always believed: “If you have seen one tree, you have seen them all.”

Compared to southern Utah, the mountains are down-right boring!