On Saturday, David and I drove down to the San Rafael Swell to do a little hiking up Ernie Canyon on the east side of the Swell, southwest of Green River Utah. The day was sunny and every wildflower or cactus seemed to be in bloom.

It was “beauteous”!

San Rafael Swell & Cloud

Cactus In Bloom

It took us a while to get to Ernies Canyon because I kept stopping to take pictures. The Mule Ears were especially vibrant this year.

San Rafael Swell & Mules Ears

When we finally did get to Ernie Canyon, we drove as far as Ernie Bridge and began hiking up the canyon.

David At Ernie Bridge

We did get to Tricycle Arch but didn’t make it as far as Corner Arch. (We were still suffering from winter lethargy.)

Tricycle Arch

The days are still fairly short so we soon had to head home again.

What a great time of year to be out and about!