Sunday after noon, my wife and I took a leisurely drive up the Mount Nebo Loop Road from the Payson Utah side. My youngest daughter had been warning us that we were missing the beautiful Fall colors in the mountains because we were too busy canning fruit every evening. We decided we had better take the opportunity.

After a very long and hectic week, it was nice.

Payson Canyon Stream

On the way up the mountain, we stopped so I could hike the short trail to an area called “The Grotto” though Nancy decided not to go the entire way. It turned out that a lot of other people had decided to get out and enjoy the wonderful weather and a lot of them had also decided to take the walk to The Grotto. Distressing when you just want to get away from people and take a few pictures.

When I got to The Grotto, a photographer was taking engagement pictures of a young and clueless couple. I moved off to one side and we tried not to get in one another’s pictures.

The Grotto

After I got back from The Grotto, we continued driving up the mountain, stopping whenever there was a view to enjoy. We stopped for a while at one of the Payson Lakes and then headed back down the mountain because the sun was setting.

Fall Aspen

Payson Lakes Trail