The next Utah canyons that my brother David and I wanted to explore was the White Roost and Robbers Roost Canyons just east of our last explorations of Pasture Canyon. Saturday found us on the west rim looking down into the canyons, not far from where they meet.

White Roost Canyon

We had been here a number of years ago and knew that we could descend the west side but not completely reach the canyon floor. However, this would get us low enough to take pictures of two natural arches on the opposite cliff wall. The path down was steep and strenuous but not really difficult or dangerous.

Pimpley Saucer Rocks

I believe we were able to get even lower than our climb years ago so we were able to get excellent pictures of both White Roost Arch and Robbers Roost Arch from nearly the same location.

White Roost Arch

Robbers Roost Arch

Robbers Roost Canyon

I noticed that there were some good trails leading up to Robbers Roost Arch. It looks like it might be possible to squeeze along the narrow rock shelf and access the arch opening. By moving down the canyon, we were able to see that a large pile of rocks had been stacked on the other side of the arch opening which should make it possible to then climb out on top of the arch. Once on top of the arch, it would be possible to climb to the top of the canyon rim. This is a possible canyon access point.

This quick descent into Robbers Roost Canyon edge allowed us still have enough time to explore area roads and trails to see what the opportunities were for future exploring trips. Several dirt roads took us west towards Pasture Canyon including a short side road that gave us a glimpse into upper Timid Canyon which is part of the drainage between Pasture Canyon and Robbers Roost canyon that doesn’t cut deep canyons.

Upper Timid Canyon

The last road ended at the east rim of Pasture Canyon. This was obviously the pickup point for people canyoneering with ropes down the top of Pasture Canyon. The hikers we had seen climbing out of Pasture Canyon several weeks earlier, had ended up there and probably had a vehicle awaiting them.

Pasture Canyon

With the help of some clouds and a nice breeze, the day wasn’t too hot.

In fact, it was a perfect day!

Total hiking/climbing = 2.4 miles.