I decided to take a drive down to the San Rafael Swell area and visit The Wedge — Also known as the Little Grand Canyon.

(Actually, I was looking for a chance to try out my new ride. I had just purchased a used 2010 Dodge Ram 4X4 pickup and I was looking to get it off road to see how it behaved. After spending a lifetime as a dedicated Ford guy, buying a Dodge seemed a little unpatriotic.)

The canyon view from The Wedge was, of course, spectacular in the low autumn sun.

As I wandered different dirt roads in the area, I stopped at Red Knoll so that I could hike down to the southern end to see what might be hidden there.

By the end of the day, I was feeling pretty good about my Dodge Ram purchase.

[Note: Over the years I have owned a number of different vehicles. However, my last four 4X4 vehicles have all been Ford Explorers. In the process of trying to explore all of southern Utah, I managed to put more than 200,000 miles on each one. My Ford Explorers took me places that Jeeps would have fallen apart in. Unfortunately, the new Ford Explorers were “cross-over” vehicles built on car frames. They would never last 200,000 miles in the country I want to travel. Hence, my switch to a Dodge Ram pickup. Now only time and miles will tell.]