October 24th found me heading for the east side of the San Rafael Swell. It was fall and finally cooling off enough to make hiking possible again in the Utah desert.

Traveling south towards Hanksville, I exited the highway where it crosses Iron Wash and parked my truck. I then headed westward up the wash which becomes Straight Wash. I then veered to the right up a side wash to take me to the northwest and North Straight Wash. After climbing the hills for a good vantage point, I set up to fly my drone above the steep cliffs that make up the eastern rim of the San Rafael Swell. (I figure that if I can never climb up the steep reef rocks to explore them, I could at least fly over them with my DJI Mavic Pro drone and see what is hiding up there.)

Second flight:

Actually, I had started my flying from the wash north of the North Fork of Straight Wash. I had to travel back down the wash and move to the next major wash to the south in order to be in the true North Fork of Straight Wash. I then climbed another hill to a good vantage point and flew another overflight of the cliffs.

I then traveled back to the main Iron/Straight Wash and again headed north to the mouth of a canyon break through the San Rafael Swell. This was the trailhead for the Eardley Canyon area, and I had flown my drone over these cliffs previously. However, the light was different now and that gives the scenery a different feeling so I decided to fly over the cliffs yet again.

The cottonwood trees in this area were exhibiting a fine display of fall. I managed to take a few pictures before heading east and back to my truck parked at the highway.

A perfect day for a hike and for flying.