The weather continued to be pleasant in Utah so I decided to spend another day in the San Rafael Swell. This time I headed to Red Canyon by driving to Moore Utah and taking the ‘Moore Cutoff’ the to I-70 freeway. I then headed east on the freeway to the Head of Sinbad turnoff near Swasey Cabin and Dutchman Arch. I then took the dirt road south, then west, then south past Family Butte and down Sulfur Canyon.

Sulfur Canyon joins Reds Canyon near Tomsich Butte and Hondu Arch. Here there are a number of old uranium mines and a few ruins from those days.

This is where I flew my drone first, getting excellent views above the towering cliffs. I then moved a short distance north but found it was too windy to fly up the Muddy River drainage.

I then returned to the Sulfur Canyon road and drove north to a side canyon to the west that still had a few cabin ruins from the days of uranium mining. This side canyon included a sheer sandstone wall that was referred to as “The Dike” though it didn’t look any different from any of the other sandstone cliffs that made up the entire Reds Canyon. This was the location of the Lucky Strike Mine.

The wind was calm enough to fly above the cliffs as the sun was getting low on the horizon.

When the sun sets, it is time to go home.